Food Nashville is Known For

 Are you a proud foodie? You will love a trip to Nashville, where we serve some of the best, most tasty dishes you have ever had!  

A large group of people enjoying food in a restaurant.

Are you planning to visit Nashville, TN? Whether or not you’re a country music fan, you’ll find that Nashville is an exciting major city with all of the trimmings. We have a vibrant entertainment scene, nightlife, sports teams, family fun, and great restaurants. Yes, restaurants!

You might be interested to know that in addition to being the home of some of the world’s best musical entertainment, Nashville is also a place for some of the best cooking in the country! We’re proud foodies here in Nashville, so while you’re here, don’t settle for fast food you can find anywhere.

Whether you’re taking a food tour or just walking around the city on your own, consider treating yourself to some of the meals we do best. You’ve got to eat anyway – so please enjoy some of the following must-eat dishes – they’ll make your tastebuds sing!

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Hot Fried Chicken

We’re a southern city, so of course, the first up for foods we’re known for is Hot Fried Chicken. More than your average fried chicken you can find anywhere, this chicken dish was born right here in Nashville. The chicken is deep-fried after being traditionally seasoned with cayenne pepper and other seasonings. Hot fried chicken is spicy and flavorful and served with potatoes and green beans.


Barbecue is another no-brainer regarding foods done incredibly well in Nashville. We take our barbecue seriously; you’ll know it too when you taste our tender, smoky-flavored meat, cooked to perfection. You’ve never tasted barbecue the way you’ll enjoy it in Nashville! We don’t rush the process. Our barbecue is slowly simmered over many hours to get that melt-in-your-mouth texture you’ll love. Served with delicious macaroni and cheese and green beans, you will return again and again for this Nashville treat.


While we didn’t give birth to biscuits, we have adopted them and made them our own. Our Southern-style biscuits are flaky, buttery, and a must on the side of any dish. Try biscuits in lots of different ways to discover your favorite. Dip your biscuits in gravy, have them alongside grits and collard greens, or with almost any savory dish – just make sure they’re hot!

A person’s hands holding a meat sandwich with other hot foods and hamburger on a table.

Nashville Brunch

This late morning meal is recently enjoying a new surge of popularity, but it’s always been a great thing here in Nashville. After a night of clubbing and enjoying some of the exotic drinks we’re also known for, brunch may be just what you need. You’ll eat the best Southern comfort foods along with a yummy Bloody Mary cocktail! What else could you want? 

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Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

This mouth-watering meal is a transplant from New Orleans, but you’ve not thoroughly enjoyed Creole cuisine until you’ve had it with a Nashville spin. Jambalaya is a delicious combination of toasted rice seasoned with onions, tomatoes, pepper, and other spices, with well-prepared chicken and sausage. This meal is the epitome of Southern comfort!

Meat & Three

This might not sound like the truly delectable dish that it is, but trust us; you want to take advantage of this. This usually inexpensive meal gives you the option of creating your own dish. As the name implies, you choose one meat with three sides. But your choices will make your head swim. You must choose only three sides from cheesy mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas, or collard greens, to name a few. Then add a meat like a brisket, meatloaf, fried steak, or ham. Remember to include biscuits or cornbread to make this the happiest meal sitting you have ever experienced.

Fried Catfish

One of our most popular meals is fried catfish. While this yummy delicacy isn’t readily available here in Nashville, there are places you can find it. And when you do, you won’t regret ordering it. The fish is fried to achieve a crispy outside and a flaky, tender inside. We usually serve it with lemon juice and pepper, with tartar sauce or ketchup on the side. Some prefer to eat it with pickles – we don’t judge.

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Grilled Pimento Mac and Cheese

Do you love grilled cheese? Then you’ll flip over this version. In addition to the already winning combo of macaroni pasta and cheese, this dish adds toasted bread and butter. Your dish begins with our already outstanding mac and cheese, featuring pimento cheese, American cheddar, tomato slices, and topped with bits of smoked bacon. Then, we put that delicious mess between two slices of country bread and grill it to perfection. You’re welcome!

Country Ham

When in Nashville, it would be a shame if your trip ended and you hadn’t had Country Ham. This dish isn’t your mother’s ham! Country ham is cooked here using a 5,000-year-old recipe to preserve this pork product. Traditionally, the meat is salted and dried, giving it that intense flavor we all love. You can enjoy country ham on pizza, or as an add-on to other yummy meals you’ll have in Nashville.



No, this isn’t a typo. Bonuts are our take on American favorite – doughnuts. Our hybrid is achieved by using biscuit dough to make doughnuts. The biscuit dough is cut into doughnut shapes and deep-fried in peanut oil until golden brown and fluffy. You can even get these glazed with blueberry sauce, vanilla cream, or mascarpone. 

Fried Pickles

You may have noticed that we love pickles around here! Many of our fantastic dishes are served with sweet, acidic pickles on the side. But we take it a bit further with our fried pickles. We fry thin pickle slices coated with flour and seasonings in hot oil until golden brown and crispy. If you think you won’t love this, it’s just because you have yet to taste it! 

Roasted Cauliflower

If you thought we just throw everything into hot oil around here, you’d be wrong. Our roasted cauliflower is an excellent treat you won’t want to miss. We put cauliflower chunks in flour and cream before we roast them in the oven. When done, they’ve been baked perfectly with a golden brown ‘tan.’ The flour and seasons enhance the flavor, but we also serve it with feta cream, pesto sauce, and pepper sauce. 

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Enjoy the Foods Nashville is Best Known For

By now, you realize that Nashville is a foodie’s heaven. We have many dishes that originate with us and others that we have adapted and made our own. When you visit, don’t just look forward to good music; get ready for some of the best food you have ever tasted! 

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