Trendy Places in Nashville

Are you coming to Nashville, TN? We have some of the trendiest places and best restaurants for you to visit. 

 The light-up signs of some of Nashville’s restaurants.

So, you’re visiting Nashville and want to have a great time. You’ve come to the right city! Nashville has so much to offer; you will run out of time before you run out of great places to visit, things to do, and food to eat! 

Of course, Nashville is best known for being the Country Music Capital of the World. If you’re a country music fan, there are fantastic places for you to see and entertainment for you to enjoy, but even if you aren’t a country music fan, there’s still plenty for you as well. 

Below, we have listed some of the trendiest places we think you’ll love. We have many new venues to entice you, but we still remember the more iconic ones. Who says there’s no overlap between iconic and trendy?  

Trendy Places in Nashville

Here are trendy places to appreciate while in Nashville. You may have already heard about some, while others may be brand new to you. Nashville is more than country music; we’re also great food, sports, art, and culture. Hopefully, while you visit these places, you’ll grow to love the scene here in Nashville as much as we do! 

5th & Taylor

Chef Daniel Lindley opened 5th & Taylor American Restaurant back in 2013 with a view of fostering a sense of community, hospitality, and warmth. This huge Germantown warehouse features a life-size sculpture of horse-mounted General Francis Nash – from whom Nashville got its name. The space features a main dining room, a 28-foot bar, an 8-food wood-burning grill, lounge areas, an enclosed patio with water features, and private dining rooms. Not only is the food excellent at 5th & Taylor, but the family feel will bring you back again and again.   

Five Daughters Bakery

Do you have a sweet tooth? Take advantage of a trip to the Five Daughters Bakery at several locations in Nashville. Five Daughters Bakery is the family-owned business of Isaac and Stephanie Meek, who are the proud parents of, you guessed it – five daughters! They are committed to providing premium baked goods with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Their sweet treats are free of chemical preservatives, genetically modified organisms, hydrogenated oils, and artificial colors or flavors. 

Urban Grub

Urban Grub is the place to go for fresh fish and aged meats. What used to be a carwash on the corner of 12th and Gilmore is now the unique and exciting multi-environment restaurant, bar, patio, and beer garden. Enjoy this casual location for a combination of traditional southern foods with a twist, fresh fish and seafood, and smoked and grilled meats and vegetables. Their menu is ever-evolving, so you’ll have good reason to return many times and find something new to try each time. In addition to incredible meals, Urban Grub also features cozy private cabanas. 

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 A painted wall saying ‘looking pretty, Music City’ in Nashville.

Skull’s Rainbow Room

More than just a great place to eat, Skull’s Rainbow Room also features nightly live jazz music, late-night burlesque, award-winning fine dining, and hand-crafted cocktails in its historic and iconic bar. Visiting Skull’s Rainbow Room provides a full evening’s not-to-be-missed experience. If you’re not about the nightlife, this icon of the Nashville food and entertainment scene, first opened in 1948, is also opened for Sunday brunch, when you can try their Skull’s Prime Rib and Eggs.

The Gallatin Hotel

Where are you staying on your visit to Nashville? If you haven’t made your reservations yet, consider staying in the most creative neighborhood in Nashville, at the Gallatin Hotel. This vibrant, boutique hotel is available for weddings, showers, concerts, or corporate events. Book a stay with them in colorful, modernly furnished rooms or suites, host an event, or catch a show next door at The Lucky Duck Lounge or Emerson Hall

ZANIES Comedy Night Club 

Do you love to laugh and enjoy the connection and community of a comedy show? ZANIES Comedy Night Club is the premiere comedy club in Nashville. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with many of the most talented comedians in America. All their shows are smoke-free and require a two-item minimum purchase per person from their extensive menu of classic food and drinks. 

Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery

If you love a little history, Nashville’s your place! Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery is rich with history and fascination, being associated with stories of sunken ships and lost gold, being run by a woman before women even had the right to vote, and finally, the rebirth of the business after 100 years in oblivion. You will love the guided tour you get, not to mention the tasting experiences they offer. You can sample spirits based on Tennessee’s oldest whiskey recipe, modern high-rye bourbons, and a caramel pecan liqueur. 

12 South Nashville

To visit one area with several attractions, 12 South is a neighborhood with everything. At one end of this half-mile stretch, there is a gourmet restaurant, and at the other end, a vintage clothing store. Between these two establishments are many unique and wonderful businesses. It’s a lovely walk through this neighborhood of shopping, dining, bakeries, coffee houses, bars, and boutiques.   

Bluebird Cafe

The Bluebird Cafe has earned a stellar reputation as a world-class listening room. For more than 40 years, in a small strip mall near downtown Nashville, this space has been used by songwriters to perform their own songs for audiences. Some of the greats, including Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Faith Hill, Kris Kristofferson, Vince Gill, Kathy Mattea, and Carole King, have all graced the Bluebird’s stage. The Bluebird Cafe has also gained notoriety by featuring in the TV show Nashville and being the subject of a documentary in 2019. 

Nightlife in downtown Nashville.

Visit Trendy Places in Nashville

While you’re in Nashville, there is no shortage of exciting and interesting places to visit. We have extraordinary, award-winning restaurants, arts and culture, music, sports, and great shopping. You’ll love the Southern hospitality of our whole city. 

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